Are you in an unhealthy relationship with your data?


Data as a tool. Not a liability.

Instantly access all the data without the liability of owning it. We return data ownership to the individual and provide companies with augmented data visualization.


What we do

Research with integrity

We return the ownership of personal data to the individual, whether it’s sensitive or everyday data. We give her an opportunity to share it for compensation, and let companies and marketers subscribe to the data they need. You ask the questions, we provide the data, all without identifying the end user and put her integrity at risk.


Your data subscription

With an Ipseity subscription, you’ll get instant access to real-time, live data.


User-controlled data

The individual owns her own data, which means less management and fewer risks for you.


The Network of Yourself


our mission

To challenge how we view and handle data

We aim to be the trusted go-to service for instant knowledge about your customers. We want to make data a care-free resource like any other. Get simple, secure, and healthy data from the source.


keeping it safe

How we use distributed storage to keep data safe

By returning data back to the individual, we’re not only providing a safe solution for the user, but we’re also splitting up unsecure data collections. Without loosing the connection to your customer, you can access all data, but will never have to manage or keep it safe from hackers.


About the features

In collaboration with demanding businesses and companies we’re developing the product that’s missing.


Instant. relevant.

Our users’ ever-changing, live data is reused again and again, which means high participation rates, and always up to date data.

Live. Active. Passive.

Ipseity gives you instant access to data crucial to your company. Follow trends and see the data as it is collected or changes.


Be a part of our mission


The founding team


Bill Lee


Our passionate chief has 20+ years of experience working for various high-tech companies in the US. His easy-going attitude can make even data security meetings engaging.


Margaret Leung


Margaret has over 20 years of experience in managing and leading business consulting projects in Hong Kong and China. Her focus and notes keep Bill’s feet on the ground.


Jens Wernborg


With 20+ years of experience in business consulting in Hong Kong, China, and India, this gentleman’s middle name is ‘Resourceful’. And he’s the only one with a strange patience for the Office suite.


Amrit Sethi


This lady is an experienced entrepreneur, taking her family business forward for the last 30 years. She always puts the customer first and remembers to bring snacks to meetings.


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